Wormhole Ventures 10/4

Hoor Malas is a dance and movement artist, born in Damascus, Syria. In her work, she dives into social matters influenced by personal experiences. A big share of her inspiration comes from music. Some of her choreographic work includes Regression (2016, Germany), Three Seconds (2018, Damascus), Hanging (2019, Tunis) and currently she is working on a new project called Dust (2020, Canada).

In her own words: “I am fascinated by the body, by its capacity and divergence. How we move and why we move, through our realities and thus through our dreams and the questions revolving from them. All of which has been in the core of my practice for the past few years.”

One local choreographer Hoor is inspired by is Noura Murad and globally she mentions Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

To know more about Hoor’s work, please visit her webpage.