Wormhole Ventures 8/4

Janine Harrington is an artist whose practice includes writing, choreography, drawing, public space projects and increasingly costume and space design. She works in collaboration with artists and publics across works, mainly in gallery and non-stage spaces. Janine’s practice prioritised explorations around access, play, agency, confrontation by times/scales beyond the human and neuroqueer experiences of attention, listening and learning. Her recent work, the kaleidoscopic Screensaver Series (Dance Umbrella, 2018) foregrounds these interests and has been touring since 2018.

Janine is inspired by Mette Edvardsen from Norway and Charles Koroneho from New Zealand.

More information on Janine’s work and her collaborations is found on her website.

Credits • Screensaver digital experiments. Janine & Erik Axel Eggeling • Drawing for Screaming Traps • good luck, dinosaur. Dancer: Tuan Ly. Photo: Rino Pucci • drawing for SOME TIMES planning • never closer to midnight (2019) Photos: Roswitha Chesher. Performer: Juliette Mello • Screensaver Series in rehearsal • Screensaver Series. Filmed by Roswitha Chesher • Dancers in Screensaver Series material: Elisa Vassena, Iris Yi Po Chan, Vanessa Abreu, Louise Tanoto, Stephanie McMann, Stella Papi, Janine Harrington, Pepa Ubera, Katja Nyqvist, Christopher Matthews, Es Morgan, Luke Birch