Wormhole Ventures 6/4

Maryam Baqeri N. is an independent choreographer, dance researcher, and undisciplined movement artist who more than anything, introduces herself as a ‘soloist’. Maryam is based in Auckland and is currently completing an artistic doctoral research about politics and poetics of solo performance. Coming from the underground community of dance in Tehran, Maryam’s artistic practice focuses on inclusion, non-violent resistance, strategic negotiations and micro-politics. Recently Maryam has received a fellowship from Kone Foundation (Finland) to work with her colleague Susanna Hast on the practice-led research project: Subtle Corporealities: propositions of resistance for creative practitioners. When we asked Maryam to mention one local & one global choreographer that inspired her, she replied:

“I was in a very very long process with the choreographers Atefeh Tehrani & Mostafa Shabkhan. I acknowledge them. Through the process I had with them, I learnt from them; I learnt from others as well as myself. I had the same long process with Carol Brown. I worked with her in different projects and I learnt a lot form her. I acknowledge her. It’s Esfrosini Protopapa whom I would love to work with one day.”