We are a community-based organization dedicated to dance research & creation. our idea is to create a meeting place to address the needs of performing artists in Iran who are one way or another dealing with moving bodies. our intention is to acknowledge & strengthen the potential Iranian dance scene despite the lack of an organized support for the art form. we rely on the idea of togetherness to create motivation to study our bodies, looking at subjects such as movement research, somatic practices and choreography. this happens through a range of activities throughout the year. Our program so far falls into six categories that are visible on the homepage:

Astr*lab which is a Movement Research Formation
Constellation which is an Exchange Modality
Satellite which is a Mobility Aid
Gravity which is a Sharing Event
Outer Space which is an Exploration Visit
Elephant which is a Creation born out of our first Astr*lab formation

There will be new categories added as we keep exploring the needs of our community and as new initiatives are born.

We are quite open with our program, so please do feel free to get in touch with our team and share your thoughts and feedback.